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National Scholarship and Fee Deposit

  • 23 October 2019 04:44 AM


The founders of the trust have noticed that the students studying in reputed Govt. /Private schools face various types of social harassment and embarrassment among the classmate due to non payment of fees and other financial problems for which they are not responsible. They are at times forced to stand separately from the other students in the assembly or in the class. They are even terminated from the school in the middle of the session and not allowed to appear in the examination due to non payment or irregular payment of fees. Middle class or lower middle class parents spend more than 50 percent of their income for a better education of their wards but due to inevitable circumstances such as death of the earning member on services/long term illness like cancer and paralysis of the family member demanding heavy expenditure, permanent/ partial disability in accident/ immediate loss of jobs/ huge losses in business and the expenses on the education of the children gets a back seat, resulting irregular or non-payment of the school fees. That causes humiliation disrespect to the students of the government /private schools when they are publicly insulted by the school administration for non-payment of dues.


After looking into the above problems, the trust has developed Swabhiman program and created corpus named Swabhiman fund. The main objective of the program is under follows.

- To stop dropping out from schools by the students due to non payment of fees.

- To stop harassment and embarrassment faced by the students for pending fees.

- To stop corporal punishment for non payment of fees.

- To prevent students going into deep depression for insult faced by them for non payment of fees and motivate them to choose a positive and healthy life.

- To protect safe guard and self steam of parents & student who are disgraced by the school, society/relatives and friends for not paying fee and other dues to the school.


Types of scholarship/fee deposit

- Partial scholarship/ fee deposit for certain pending period

- One year scholarship/fee deposit

- One year scholarship/fee deposit with books and dresses

- Two years scholarship/fee deposit

- Two years scholarship/fee deposit with books and dresses

- Three years scholarship/fee deposit

- Three years scholarship/fee deposit with the  books and dresses

- 50 percent scholarship for schooling till Intermediate (12th) classes

- 100 percent scholarship for schooling till intermediate (12th)

- The dues fee will deposit/sanctioned as a loan the amount would be return to the trust within 90 and 120 day(without any interest against post dated cheque).


The scholarship/fee deposit will be provided according to the Trust with respect to the trust’s norms and the recommendation of the head of institution/Principal. The committee of the Trust will verify the case and sanction the scholarship/dues within 72 hours.


Eligibility Criteria for pan india students Scholarship and financial aid programme in special circumstances.

Below are examples of situation that are considered to be special circumstances.

- The student should be a regular and bona fide student in any private/Govt. aided /Govt. school.

- Discontinuation of payment of fee minimum 03 months or more

- Our priority will be given to the students whose parents are a part of any unorganized sector.

- Loss of life of the earning member of the family and permanent/ partial disability due to any type of accident.

- Loss or reduction of employment, wages or unemployment compensation.

- Big loss or permanent shut down of business.

- Parents or spouse cancer/paralysis  survivor

- Parents or spouse suffering from long term severe health disease demanding expensive treatment.

- Separation of family in special condition

- The students admitted in school under the act of RTE will be given special preference.

- The needy recommended by the respective donor/ head of institution/Principal or National commission for the protection of the child right will be considered as special cases.

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